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It’s now X-tremely easy to promote and market your online business with X-Cart Development

Jun 24, 2013

Ecommerce is all over the place covering wide range of businesses worldwide. So to stay ahead and be exceptional in the eCommerce market, X-Cart is a powerful shopping cart tool based on PHP templates that offers flexibility to boost the sales of your online business with SEO, discounts coupons, sales, social sharing etc.
eCommerce Shopping Cart Development
eCommerce Shopping Cart Development
With the growing demand of X-Cart Development, you will find that almost all brand stores have an online presence offering huge number of products and services for purchase. Whenever an entrepreneur or a business owner thinks about the shopping cart software, the first thing that strikes his mind is X-Cart for it’s the fastest way to integrate fascinating features to your existing online store which lets you present information, images, videos and almost anything related to your business.

Why is X-Cart so favorable for eCommerce Development Services?

If you are planning of establishing an online business or trying to switch gears to a much more trustworthy platform, X-Cart can be the ideal answer. Why?

It’s offers Hassle Free Installation

The shopping cart software comes with a complete store-builder package which offers hassle free installation, free custom support and its web interface is very easy to use. It also has a self-upgrade engine that is built in and an excellent storefront system. Users or customers can have free access to the future releases of X-Cart.

It’s Highly Customizable

The X-Cart customization feature can transform your online store into an attractive sales tool.  Every desirable feature such as designs, templates and layouts can be changed in X-Cart to suit the business logic of your store.

It’s integrated with SEO features

Online merchants who aim for a quick jump in the search rankings, X-Cart help users to define custom meta-tags for each category. For better search engine indexing and ranking, the users can set the product catalog as static HTML pages.

It’s Highly Secured

Due to the extensive hacking that is taking place online, customers want to be assured of security that is guaranteed. It comes with:
  • Password Protected administrative access
  • Anti-fraud module to verify customer’s details during checkout
At the time of failed login-attempts on your store you are sent real time security info.

It’s Offers Effective Custom Care

X-Cart allows customers to browse products, check the history of orders and track real time orders. When you choose the express check out feature of X-Cart, it disables the checkout without registration.
Hire Dedicated X-Cart Developers and Programmers
These are some prominent features that can aid an online shop owner to receive positive reviews from its customers but if you hire dedicated X-Cart Developers and Programmers, he will guarantee you success by adding the right features into your online store.

Advantages of Having iPhone Application For Your Business

Jun 5, 2013

With lots of new features, iPhone is the best tools to optimize business processes and reap more rewards out of it. With single iPhone application for your business, you can you serve millions audiences at anytime and anyplace.
iPhone Application For Your Business
Today, Smartphones is found in every plan that generates viable earning opportunities for businesses of every size and budget. Business application development for device like iPhone is not at all a costly process. You just need to hire iPhone application developers who can understand your business, targeted audiences, and relevant market conditions to lend you an ideal tool to rule the market.

  • Increases Visibility of Your Business
  • Chance to Reap Rewards from Booming Mobile Market
  • Ease in Handling Business Process
  • Serve Your Customers from Anywhere and Anytime
  • Easy Engagement with Global Audiences
  • Make your Business Future Proof
  • Tons of Other Benefits
Did you find the point interesting and useful and looking to develop an application for your business? Get in touch with all your needs and take away the tool to dominate your business stand.

Flash Developers Can Lend You an Attractive Website that Can Sale More

May 27, 2013

Once you plan for business website development, there are several points you need to concern about. Simple HTML websites without any animations or multimedia contents may hinder your business image across the web. So it’s better to opt for flash development as it’s the best way to engage your audiences and force them to come back. Flash developers can embed animations, graphics and other sounds in your website. With flash web development solutions, it’s easy to beautify a website with attractive animations and graphical expressions. Not only website, but flash and flash developers have truly dominated the gaming industry.
Flash Web Development
Flash games for PC, web, iPhone, iPad, android and other major mobile operating systems are serving as the best source of entertainment. So wait why, hire flash programmer based on your flash development needs. Always remember, if it is attractive, it will surely sell more. Make your website attractive with low priced flash solutions. To own a fresh piece of multimedia rich website built in flash or for makeover of your existing website feel free to get in touch at:

Look at New Line of Leadership with Cakephp Development at iFuturz

May 6, 2013

CakePHP Web Development
With the rise in era of web development tools, technologies and platforms for creating websites are increasing in the numbers of thousands for PHP Developers. But nothing to surprise CakePHP as a framework for bespoke web development solutions still remains as developer’s darling. Its ability to mold itself according to vivid business ecosystem and its rapid application development capabilities are some of the reasons that back its market success.

At iFuturz, we utilize this open source and award wining framework in a well structured manner to create applications for businesses and corporate to support their internal as well as external processes. Our CakePHP Developers and Programmers, who can be hired, possess expertise in rapidly writing codes in MVC environment to get 3-tier architecture for our clients in limited time frame.

Its use of code, scaffolding features, clean MVC conventions and security, lets CakePHP experts at iFuturz to create web applications in highly structured and rapid manner without losing its flexibility. It’s a varied web development framework that strongly falls into the flavor of entrepreneurs around the globe who hunts for low cost and easy to maintain website.

For Businesses Around the Globe, We Offer Services Like:

  • Custom CakePHP Development
  • CakePHP Integration, Customization and Migration
  • CakePHP Template Design
  • CakePHP Shopping Cart Development
  • CakePHP CMS Development
It is well accepted fact that CakePHP has raised the bar for the development of application with more perfection and flexibility. CakePHP with MySQL offers remarkable CMS functionalities, which can be used to build websites with dynamic functionalities and features such as support for multiple languages, blog integration, addition of dynamic content to site, editing of themes, images and many more.

List of CMSs We Use!!!

  • Termite CMS
  • Cupcake CMS
  • Croogo
  • Lumad CMS
  • Cherryfish CMS
We never stick with a single development methodology or pattern, as a result of which we always come up with something special for every business, knowing that every business is unique. We understand the need of getting social for every business hence we also expertise in integrating APIs with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other business generating websites such as Salesforce and Twilio.

To experience the best CakePHP Development Services in the class, get in touch with all your business requirements and witness how we make your business standout of competition. Mail us at for more.

Get Your Business Secure and High Performing With Zend Framework

Apr 30, 2013

If your business needs highly consistent, secure and performing web solutions than Zend Framework stands second to none. It's an open source development platform wisely build to support the development of scalable and rich web 2.0 applications. It's a MVC based framework having extensive built in library and amazing support for PHP layouts and templates.

It uses object oriented codes and features of PHP 5 such as namespaces, lambda functions, late static binding and others to develop web 2.0 applications. Compared to other PHP based framework, it's a flexible framework that contains various components such as Zend Filter, Zend Feed, Zend Mail, Zend view, Zend Controller, Zend Input Filter and many others.

zend Framework Developement

it's a successful PHP framework with over 15 million downloads. At iFuturz brings you the most reasonable Zend developer solutions at extremely low price. We offer development services for zend like website development, zend integration services, custom zend web apps development and zend portal development. You can also hire zend developers for creating business solutions based on Zend framework, Zend Core and Zend Studio.

Ipad Mini Is Yet Another Awesome Creation By The Almighty Apple

Apr 19, 2013

 iPad Apps Developer

Not a surprise to all, Apple gives birth to a beautiful device and this time its iPad Mini. In no time it has gained popularity and praises for its size, attractive look and performance.

Responsive Web Design Integrates Your Business with Future

Apr 2, 2013

Humanity has almost shifted itself into the age of technology where smartphones and tablets have become a foremost medium for sharing and viewing information. Connectivity stands second as more and more people are using smartphones, tablets and phablets for searching things necessary in their day to day life. 

Responsive Web Design

Increased numbers of smartphones user has concluded rise in mobile traffic. This massive increase in smartphone-driven traffic has motivated merchants to look further and develop a website that offers equal experience to different sized devices. Here arises a concept of mobile responsive web design, which not only fits itself into devices with different screen size but also offers optimum experience every time.

Why do we need responsive website?

Today, user expectations of website design has totally changed, as people loves to browse website content on their devices just as easily as on their desktop/laptops. With a single responsive website, you can easily target audiences from different segments such as desktop and mobile because it rearranges itself depending on the size of the screen.

Responsive Web Design

HTML5 developers for responsive website does magic with design in such as way that website automatically understands the nature of device, it is being viewed on and responds accordingly. 

With more 1.1 billion smartphone users the spectrum of screen sizes and resolutions is extending every day, generating need to have a responsive website that is compatible on these devices. 

Following facts will make it clear, why Responsive Web Design is becoming growingly relevant.
  • Viewable on all smartphones including, iPhone, Android, Nokia, Blackberry, etc.
  • Viewable on all tablets including, iPad, Samsung etc.
  • All websites come with a Content Management System.
  • Varying content on your responsive website will mechanically optimize layout on all devices.
  • Attract much more targeted internet traffic
  • No need to upgrade website in the future as Responsive Design is the future.
It’s the best season to hire UI Designer and HTMl5 Developer for responsive web development, because as per mobile website statistics by the year 2015 over 80% of internet users will be browsing the web using their smartphones and tablets. In 2010, Morgan Stanley predicted that mobile web browsing will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015 whereas Microsoft Tag anticipated that this would happen in 2014. Tim cook recently predicted that sales of iPad will overtake sales of PC by the end of the year. 

A growing number of these users indicate that it’s right time to think beyond ordinary for your business. Ignoring mobile website design for your business may land you nowhere near to success and ultimately people may lose interest in your service and products.

Instead of creating separate website for different devices, which is a hectic and costly process, one must start using a single site having flexible design with fluidic characteristic that can adjust to the device being used to access it. Hire Mobile application developer who utilizes technologies such as html5 and CSS to create a full responsive design template for your business. It is less expensive to develop, cost effective to maintain and totally future proof as it is the only future of internet. Responsive website has power to integrate your business with future

Do pen down your views about responsive web design and share your thoughts about the same. 

Steps to Secure Your Joomla Website from Being Hacked

Mar 18, 2013

Is your Joomla website hacked or are you leaving under the threat of hackers? If yes, follow these simple steps and have a peaceful night sleep.
Hackers are the biggest and the worst nightmare of webmasters because of brutal upshots faced as a result of website hacking. Activity of hacking and stealing of data is carried out since the inception of the web. Precautionary steps are taken to avoid data theft, but you cannot rest assure and claim your website to be 100% hack-proof.

Joomla! Websites Are on Hackers Radar

Now days developing websites using CMS like Joomla are in fashion. Websites developed using these open source CMSs are cost effective, easy to maintain, user-friendly and so called secure. Joomla is an ideal platform for complex websites with multiple users and also known as highly secure CMS. But in the end, even a small puncture in your entire website's coding can give a professional hacker way in to the backend of your website.

If you didn't have a backup and if this happens, I am sure you will find yourself in middle of the ocean, figuring-out what to do next. In case you have backup, you can easily restore your hacked website. But what about the guarantee your website won’t be hacked again? Nobody ensure 100% hack proof website, but here are some precautionary steps to avoid hacking of your Joomla website.

Back up – Always Works as a Plan B

Always make sure a regular backup of your website and database so that if get hacked, you can always get back to an older version of your website. Backup always works as Plan B which never fails. And don’t forget to figure out which extension caused the vulnerability and un-install it before restoring.

Prefer Latest Version of Joomla!

Always update your Joomla version because large numbers of websites functioning on older versions of Joomla are increasingly targeted by hackers. If you are running a website based on Joomla 1.x then I would urge you to upgrade to either version 2.5 or 3.0 before it gets hacked. Up-gradation of version is the best way to avoid hacking of website.

Joomla Updation

Use Updated Plugins and Extensions

Why to use outdated and unsecured Plugins that are of no use to your website. Always stay on top of the new releases for any third-party extensions that you use for your Joomla website. Join the mailing list of companies that releases Plugins so you can be aware when new releases come out.

Updated Plugins And Extensions

Find Out Reliable Hosting Company

Make sure your hosting partner is honest, reliable and offers secure hosting to your website. Don’t always run after low prices hosting, as your decision of saving few dollar may prove fatal in the end. Keep these points in mind before selecting your hosting company:
  • Refer their Backup Policy
  • Whether they update their server frequently or not
  • Availability of technical support at the time of emergency

Partner a Joomla Expert for Emergency

Prevent Joomla Website Hackers TipsEven if you follow all the mentioned steps, it still advised to have a Joomla professional whom you can contact at the time of emergency. Qualified professional can advice and suggest best possible solutions to restore your website as soon as possible.

So there you have it. Please follow above mentioned points and don’t forget to make daily or weekly backup of your database. If you need help of Joomla professionals than contact us and, we will be happy to assist you.

3 Step Solutions to Avoid Hacking Of Wordpress Websites

Mar 12, 2013

WordPress is beloved Content Management System (CMS) widely used for websites and blogs, but securing WordPress is a biggest issue these days. Even though, WordPress community continually sweats hard, websites developed using WordPress are frequently hacked by hackers leaving behind a huge questions about its security. Hacking of any website results into loss of its potential customers/audiences, hinders website’s reliability and at the end, makes a website look extremely unprincipled and unmanaged.

Magento is the ideal e-Commerce platform for small business owners

Feb 27, 2013

The Internet World is the true future where fortune is made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year and MAGENTO makes it possible to endeavor your online store dreams.
Different small organizations and even small physical store owners want to expand their business in to a massive global business and are now shifting their gears to the most powerful e-Commerce platform allowing you to build a huge online store that can easily fit in the palm of your hand and you are able to reach out your customers while they are in the comfort and tranquility of their home or even if they are traveling around the globe. Your customers can have a wonderful and easy-to-navigate shopping experience and this in turn would open the gates to increasing sale of products, more and more customers, revenue is generated and you also earn a little more profit.


Low cost and open source:

Magento Comes in Four Editions: Community, Professional, Enterprise and Mobile. Small businesses consider Magento Community as it is an open source and available for free.

Enterprise grade:

It can compete with high level enterprises so if you were to expand your business into a global international business, enterprise can grow with you. You start with community and then move up by availing the other editions of Magento after you have a steady growth in your business.

Scalability advantage:

You start with community, set up an online store and then as your business grows, you can jump to the other editions and if you have large mobile addicted customers, you can go for Magento Mobile. The fact is that it has many plugins and extensions included in the third party systems that can lock into Magento.
Magento e-Commerce platform

Best Practice:

Today Magento is the Best Practice. Its constantly evolving, constantly improving and new versions are released very often for upgrading by which it’s way ahead of the other e-Commerce platforms out there in the market.

Strong Global Community:

Due to its popularity, it has a Strong Global Community. With Magento you’ve got a large community of users and businesses to back you up and also to support giving a great relief as your business investment is safe and secure.

Million Dollar Question: How to choose a Magento Developer?

Magento has more than 100,000 shop owners spread across the globe and has proved to be a cost effective e-commerce solution for small business owners. Websites and online stores created with this powerful and emerging platform are absolutely flawless. It’s the most ideal way to manage online stores and increase more and more sales.

How Hire Magento Developer for your dream online store?

  • The Company should have a proper Magento Portfolio
  • Prompt Communication with Clients
  • Totally committed and dedicated to your requirements and expectations
  • Company that is always updated with the current trend
  • More importantly follows the WYSIWYG implementation.
If you have any questions regarding Magento, or would like a quote on your dream online Magento project, you can get Contact us and chances are, we’re probably the perfect Magento developer for you.

Potentials and Pitfalls of Facebook’s “Graph Search”

Jan 23, 2013

It’s time to integrate new Facebook feature Graph Search in your social media marketing strategy to modernize the way that businesses connects to consumers. 

On Tuesday, social media giant Facebook plunged into the market of online search, generating a viable threat for giant like Google and Yelp. “Search Graph” is the name of the service which is on its way to your personal Facebook account to help you search content that you and your friends like the most.

Redesign and Maintenance Can Put Your Website Back in Power

Dec 21, 2012

Are you an ecommerce website owner and dipping sales, lack of potential customers and boring business web design doesn’t let sleep at night. Now the time is right, when you need to consult a website redesign and maintenance company like iFuturz for the treatment of your outdated and technically lagging website.

Plugins Crowns WordPress As The Best CMS For Development

Dec 12, 2012

This year at iFuturz, we celebrated the ninth birth anniversary of our loving “WordPress”, and we hope it continuous to dominate the market of CMS development in the coming years too. Figures indicate that it has been downloaded for more than 145 million times, and even non-techies and novices have generated income of thousands of dollars in no time.

Magento Development Solutions For Guaranteed Long Term Rewards

Dec 3, 2012

Every businessman desires for business with no boundary, and that’s what Magento web development offers. It has ability to greatly increase the functionalities along with visual outlooks of an e-commerce website. It’s the only and the best open source platform to host your ecommerce store and a way to optimize your company’s sales.

Joomla 3.0 Released To Power Joomla Web Design and Development

Nov 27, 2012

The ultimate solution to the need of highly secure, reliable and user-friendly website is released on 27th September 2012 by Joomla community with the tag name of Joomla 3.0. It will conclude with Joomla 3.5 LTS (long term support) releasing in September of 2013. Joomla 3.0 and the next STS version Joomla 3.1 both are designed keeping fresh adopters in mind.

Develop HTML5 based mobile Applications with iFuturz - Create Once & Deploy Everywhere

Nov 23, 2012

Html5 isn’t a revolution but an evolution of web

We now live in the age of Smartphones & Tablets where people access the internet on the move, anytime & anywhere. HTML5 is an evolution in the architecture of the internet and enhances the Internet Consortium. It has immensely reduced the dependency on technologies like Adobe Flash and Microsoft Silverlight for creating rich animations, stream data & video and better identification of content on your web pages for search engines.

Get updated to 3.4.2 Version of WordPress for Safe Use

Nov 9, 2012

WordPress 3.4.2WordPress added another version to its table and the team of Experienced WordPress developers titled it as WordPress 3.4.2 or Maintenance & Security Update. This appears as a visible update in the Dashboard of your Admin and is already available for free download.

What are the changes made in WordPress 3.4.2?

WordPress 3.4.2There has been a notable change made in the WordPress 3.4.2 version. The team of WordPress has fixed a number of nagging bugs and few have been listed as below:
  • Certain issues regarding Live Theme preview tool are fixed
  • A perfect Cross-Browser Compatibility feature is available on the WordPress Dashboard
  • Header Images shall not be uploaded, if the resizing of the images is improper
  • Fixing  the problem related to Pagination with some category permalink structures
  • Enhanced plugin compatibility with visual editor
  • Neglect errors with both oEmbed providers and trackbacks

USERS just go for it!!

With the new version coming into existence, it also solves certain security issues and contains some security hardening. The vulnerabilities comprise of potential privilege escalation and a bug that influences multisite installs with un-trusted users.
WordPress 3.4.2
As this version covers security updates, it is strongly recommended to update to 3.4.2 quickly without wasting your precious timely hours. As always, you should take a backup of your site first in case of any issues with the upgrade process.

Have you got yourself updated to the new version of WordPress? If not, here are few steps of upgrading the Security version of WordPress.
WordPress 3.4.2

“WOW” 9400 Extensions For Joomla!

Nov 5, 2012

Adding emotions and animations to your Joomla website is easy, cost-effective and hazardless because there are more than 9400 extensions for Joomla! That works as boon to satisfy all the needs of Joomla users.

Powerful and Useful CMS List for CodeIgniter

Oct 23, 2012

CodeIgniter has been doing well in gathering overwhelming responses from the professional php developers who ultimately declared, it to be the most preferred php frameworks when it comes for tech-savvy development services. This innovative and flagship programming language “CodeIgniter” offers a gamut of opportunities to develop highly secure and user friendly web solutions.

Redesign your Website with the experts in Joomla Development

Aug 16, 2012

Joomla Web Development
Joomla Web Development
Joomla is the most advanced and the powerful CMS that enables you to creates robust Websites and Applications for various businesses websites. It is an award winning open source content management system for publishing contents on the World Wide Web & Intranet. Joomla is a MVC Web Application framework that is freely available.

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